kindergartenCaze Kindergarten is an exciting place to learn and grow! We have full day Kindergarten classes that build a solid foundation for academic success. The Kindergarten program at Caze Elementary focuses on a core curriculum of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, Media, and P.E.

During our 90-minute reading block we focus on phonemic awareness, print concepts, vocabulary and language building, letters and sounds, word solving skills, and comprehension skills.

Our math curriculum provides developmentally appropriate instruction by using manipulatives and hands on activities. Our Kindergartners explore and learn about shapes, patterns, numbers, equations, measurement, and problem solving strategies. At the end of the year students will be able to count to 100, identify and count objects to 20, and fluently add and subtract within 5. Students will also be able to identify and describe the 5 basic shapes, sort and classify objects, and recognize patterns.

Science and Social Studies concepts are learned through the use of thematic units including nature, geography, holidays, and exploring the world around us using our five senses.

In addition to academics, the Caze Core Values help our Kindergartners learn many life skills. They learn to be responsible by caring for their own supplies and materials, wearing their uniforms every day, and focusing on tasks and lessons for extended periods of time. The children learn to be respectful by waiting patiently for their turns, listening silently when someone else is talking, and by treating others the way they want to be treated. Kindergarteners learn to be safe by using words to settle conflicts and by following the playground rules. We practice being honest by always being truthful and come to school ready to learn.

We encourage parental involvement during the kindergarten year, by participating in grade level family night activities, field trips, classroom programs and parties, and the daily use of agenda books. Parents also "surprise" their Kindergarteners by sometimes showing up to eat lunch at school with them.

Useful websites for Kindergarteners at home are:

If you have any questions, please contact your homeroom teacher by clicking on the "Staff Directory" link.
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