Fourth Grade

fourth gradeStudents in fourth grade are reading and learning a variety of strategies to improve their reading comprehension. Students read and respond in clear writing to a wide variety of works of children's literature. Writing clear sentences, paragraphs, and multiple paragraph reports in response to literature is also stressed. Grade 4 students are introduced to writing compositions, informational reports, as well as responses to the literature they are reading.

In the area of mathematics, students are beginning to use multiplication for solving many different types of problems. Geometry and algebra are reviewed and expanded on. Memorizing multiplication facts is beneficial for the students.

In Science, problem solving, experimentation, observations, and questioning are all used to collaboratively carry out investigations. Making accurate measurements with various tools is part of the observation process. Finally, students will be recording the data they have observed in a meaningful way.

In Social Studies, the students study Indiana history and it's relationships to regional, national, and world communities. As students study the history of Indiana, they also are learning Civics and Government, Geography, Economics, various cultures of the past and present, and a sense of community.

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