Administrative Staff

Principal:  Jared Turney
Assistant Principal, Melissa Stieneker
Counselor, Tomoko Lahee
Secretary, Stephanie Tenbarge
Social Worker, Samantha Potts
Day Care Coordinator, Crystal Roeder
21st Century Afterschool Coordinator, Ashanti Anderson

Principal's Message:

Hello and welcome to Caze Elementary School. At Caze Elementary School we are working to be the highest achieving Title I elementary school in Evansville.

We are very proud of our students at Caze. We thrive to create a welcoming environment that supports all of our students and their learning. It is our Mission that at Caze we challenge our students to do their best each day so they can grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Through this growth it is our Mission to become the highest achieving Title I school in Evansville. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to teaching through the ideals held in our Core Values. These Core Values are to teach Caze Elementary school students about being respectful, responsible, ready, honest, and safe every day.

With “Cougar Pride”,

Mr. Jared S. Turney


Caze Elementary School