Fifth Grade

fifth gradeThe Caze 5th grade team is dedicated to showing our students that they have the potential to be anything they want to be in the future as 21st Century Scholars! Teachers are committed to preparing students for the future and showing them the opportunities available to them. Students can see how their hard work can have a positive impact on their future. The staff at Caze Elementary School work hard to offer many opportunities to turn our students into 21st Century Scholars.

Students in CAZE 5th grade have opportunities such as:

• 1 to 1 Technology! Students have their individual ThinkPads to use during the course of the day. This allows teachers to offer enriching academic activities for students at all levels

• Teachers providing students assignments, activities, and assessments through their own websites built for individual subjects. This offers students individualized learning opportunities.

• Several field trips to area colleges as well as one traveling out of the area to visit Indiana University in Bloomington! 5th grade Cougars are sooo excited for this opportunity!

• The opportunity to experience several inspirational Guest Speakers that enrich students in learning about opportunities available to them in the future. One Speaker being an Olympic medalist!

• Engaging in learning through Reader's Workshop, where students learn standard based skills using materials on their current academic level

• Completing a research project on State Colleges, as well as presenting their projects to younger students in order to educate them on higher levels of education and opportunities available in the future

• Participating in a Science Fair where students use the scientific process to investigate their world they live in

• Transitioning between classes in order to prepare for middle school.

• Competing in a National Stock Market competition which helps them gain knowledge in real world economics

• DARE program, run by Officer Spradlin. After completing a 16 week course, and attending a field trip to the F.O.P, students are a part of a graduation ceremony.

• Junior Achievement where students get the opportunity to listen and learn from local business leaders through hands on activities

• Attending an end of the year Caze Recognition Ceremony where students are promoted into their middle school journey

5th Grade students are given many opportunities to strive and grow academically and socially. The 5th Grade Team is very proud of our Caze Cougars and hope to inspire our students by giving them the opportunity become 21st Century Scholars.


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